TBI Residential and Community Services
Day Program Policy and Procedure Manual

I. Minnesota Rules Governing Adult Day Services

Chapter 245D Home and Community Based Service Standards

245D.27 - Day Services; Satellite Licensure Requirements and Application
245D.28 - Day Services; Physical Plant and Space Requirements
245D.29 - Day Services; Health and Safety Requirements
245D.31 - Day Services; Staff Ratio and Facility Coverage

Chapter 9555 - Social Service for Adults

Adult Day Care Center or Adult Day Services Center Licensure

Minnesota Rule 9555.9600 - Definitions
Minnesota Rule 9555.9610 - Adult day care center or adult day services center licensure
Minnesota Rule 9555.9640 - Policy and program information requirements
Minnesota Rule 9555.9650 - Personnel records
Minnesota Rule 9555.9660 - Participant records
Minnesota Rule 9555.9670 - Participants' rights
Minnesota Rule 9555.9680 - Personnel requirements
Minnesota Rule 9555.9690 - Staff ratio and center coverage
Minnesota Rule 9555.9700 - Individual service planning
Minnesota Rule 9555.9710 - Service and program requirements
Minnesota Rule 9555.9720 - Safety requirements
Minnesota Rule 9555.9730 - Physical plant and space requirements

II. Emergency Plan

Emergency Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Numbers
Emergency Response Reporting and Review Policy - City DP
Emergency Response Reporting and Review Policy - Country DP
Emergency Response Reporting and Review Policy - West City
Evacuation Plan - City
Evacuation Plan - Country
Evacuation Plan - West City
Fire Drill Guidelines
Fire Drill Record
Health Services Coordination and Care Policy
Site Plan - City Day Program
Site Plan - Country Day Program

III. Policies and Procedures

Designated Staff to Supervise Day Program
Day Program Organizational Chart
Day Program Rate Information
Day Program Rules and Expectations
Equipment and Furniture
Facility Food Supplies
Facility Program Description
Hazardous Materials Policy
Insurance Information
Minimum Conditions for Acceptance
Mission Statement
Participant Pet Policy
Program Abuse Prevention Plan - City
Program Abuse Prevention Plan - Country
Program Abuse Prevention Plan - West City
Restroom Signal Policy