TBI Residential and Community Services
Employee Handbook

I. Organizational Structure

Mission Statement
Organizational Chart
House Address List

II. Daily Routine

Day Program Staff Responsibilities
Day Shift
Evening Shift
Night Shift

III. Policies and Procedures

Alarm Policy
At Will Employer Policy
Benefits Policy
Caffeine Policy
Change in Employment Status Practices Policy
Client Contact with Staff Family Policy
Company Keys and Fuel Credit Card Security Policy
Computer, Internet, and Email Use Policy
Contraband Searches Policy
Data Privacy Policy
Discipline and Termination of Employment Policy
Driving Requirement Policy
Dress Code Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Electronic Time Card Policy
Emergency Use of Manual Restraints
Employee Belongings Policy
Empolyee Education and Training Policy
Employee Grievance Procedure Policy
Employee Medication Storage Policy
Employee Notification of Absence Policy
Employee Pet Policy
Employee Training Vehicle Lift Instructions
Employement or Service Delivery Discrimination Complaint Policy
Equal Opportunity Employer Policy
Family Medical Leave Act
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Compliance Policy
Grievance Procedure Policy
Gross Misconduct Policy
Handling Resident Funds Policy
Harassment Policy
Holiday Pay Policy
Incident Response Reporting and Review Policy
Jury Duty Policy
Leave of Absence Policy
Maltreatment of Minors Internal Review Policy
Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adult Reporting and Internal Review Policy
Medication Administration Policy
Medication Disposal
Medication Dosage Box System
Medication Error Policy
Measurement Period Policy
Payroll Policy
Performance Review Policy
Personnel Records Policy
Reporting Medication Errors
Responsibility for Client Cares and Security Policy
Safety Sensitive Equipment Use Policy
Scheduling Policy
Sharps Policy
Telephone Use Policy
Time Off Request Policy
Tobacco Use Policy 
Transportation Policy
Universal Precautions Policy
Wage Disclosure Information
Worker's Compensation Procedure