Helpful Links

Brain Connection - General Information about the brain, brain teaser games, etc.
The Secret Life of the Brain - PBS site, 3D brain anatomy model (very cool)
Brain Info from National Geographic - More brain info, stimulate the brain, etc.
Live Science - Brain Noise article
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke - NINDS Traumatic Brain Injury Information Page
Neurology Channel - TBI overview, anatomy, incidence and prevalence
Brain Injury Resource Center - Providing wealth of information, creative solutions and leadership on issues related to brain injury since 1985.
Brain Injury Resource Foundation - Library of Articles, Brain Games and more
Human Senses - BBC site
Games for the Brain - Many logic and memory games to stimulate cognition. 
Brainist - More brain games.
Sharp Brains - Lots of info about the brain, top 50 brain teasers. - Links to brain info and games. 
Brain function and Pathology - About brain injury: A guide to brain anatomy, function and symptoms.
Kids' Guide to How the Brain Works - Collection of Links for more information about the brain function with a focus on youth readers.
Kids' Health - a kid's guide to the Nervous System
The Nervous System - What is the Nervous System and why is it so important?
Alcohol-Related Diseases and Disorders - An informative site on how drugs and alcohol affect the brain and body
Traumatic Brain Injuries and Sleep Disorders - How does trauma affect sleep?