TBI Residential and Community Services
Policy and Procedure Manual

I. Minnesota Law Governing the Provision of Services

Chapter 245A Human Services Licensing Act

245A.01 - Citation
245A.02 - Definitions
245A.03 - Who Must Be Licensed
245A.035 - Unlicensed Emergency Relative Placement
245A.04 - Application Procedures
245A.041- Systems and Records
245A.042 - HCBS - Additional Standards and Procedures
245A.05 - Denial of Application
245A.06 - Correction Order and Conditional License
245A.07 - Sanctions
245A.075 - Disqualified Individual; Denial, Conditional License, Revocation
245A.08 - Hearings
245A.085 - Consolidation of Hearings; Reconsideration
245A.09 - Rules
245A.095 - Ruels for Programs Serving Persons with Mental Illensses
245A.10 - Fees
245A.11 - Special Conditions for Residential Programs
245A.12 - Voluntary Receivership for Residental Programs
245A.13 - Involuntary Receivership for Residential Programs
245A.14 - Special Conditions for Non-Residential Programs
245A.155 - Care of Individuals on Medical Monitoring Equipment
245A.156 - Disclosure of Communicable Disease
245A.16 - Standards for County Agencies and Private Agencies
245A.167 - Public Funds Program Integrity Monitoring
245A.175 - Mental Health Training Requirement
245A.65 - Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults
245A.66 - Requirements; Maltreatment of Minors

Chapter 245D Home and Community Based Service Standards

245D.01 - Citation
245D.02 - Definitions
245D.03 - Applicability and Effect
245D.04 - Service Recipient Rights
245D.05 - Health Services
245D.051 - Psychotropic Medication Use and Monitoring
245D.06 - Protection Standards
245D.061 - Emergency Use of Manual Restraints
245D.07 - Service Planning and Delivery
245D.071 - Service Planning and Delivery; Intensive Support Services
245D.081 - Program Coordination, Evaluation, and Oversight
245D.09 - Staffing Standards
245D.091 - Intervention Services
245D.095 - Record Requirements
245D.10 - Policies and Procedures
245D.11 - Policies and Procedures; Intensive Support Services
245D.21 - Facility Licensure Requirements and Application Process
245D.22 - Facility Sanitation and Health
245D.23 - CRS - Satellite Licensure Requirements and Application Process
245D.24 - CRS - Physical Plant and Environment
245D.25 - CRS - Food and Water
245D.26 - CRS - Sanitation and Health
245D.27 - Day Services; Satellite Licensure Requirements and Application
245D.28 - Day Services; Physical Plant and Space Requirements
245D.29 - Day Services; Health and Safety Requirements
245D.31 - Day Services; Staff Ratio and Facility Coverage
245D.32 - Alternative Licensing Inspections
245D.33 - Adult Mental Health Certification Standards

Chapter 9520 - Mental Health Services ; Licensing Residential Programs for Adults Who are Mentally Ill

9520.0500 - Scope
9520.0510 - Definitions
9520.0520 - Licensing Process
9520.0540 - Program Policy and Procedures Manual
9520.0550 - Statement of Purpose and Policies
9520.0560 - Program Organization and Administration
9520.0570 - Required Documentation and Reports
9520.0580 - Program Evaluation
9520.0590 - Personnel Policies and Procedures
9520.0600 - Personnel Files
9520.0610 - Admission, Discharge, and Transfer Policies
9520.0620 - Program Services
9520.0630 - Policies and Procedures Guaranteeing Resident Rights
9520.0640 - Resident Records
9520.0650 - Living Unit Requirements
9520.0660 - Additional Requirements for Category I Programs
9520.0670 - Additional Requirements for Category II Programs

Chapter 9544 - Positive Support Strategies and Restrictive Interventions

9544.0005 - Purpose
9544.0010 - Applicability
9544.0020 - Definitions
9544.0030 - Positive Support Strategies and Person-Centered Planning
9544.0040 - Functional Behavior Assessment
9544.0050 - Permitted Procedures
9544.0060 - Prohibitions and Restrictions
9544.0070 - Emergency Use of Manual Restraint
9544.0080 - Notice
9544.0090 - Staff Qualifications and Training
9544.0100 - Documentation and Record Keeping Requirements
9544.0110 - Reporting Use of Restrictive Interventions and Incidents
9544.0120 - Quality Assurnace and Program Improvement
9544.0130 - External Program Review Committee
9544.0140 - Variances

Chapter 9555 - Social Services for Adults

Adult Foster Care Services and Licensure of Adult Foster Care Homes

9555.5050 - Repealer and Effective Dates
9555.5105 - Definitions
9555.5205 - Applicability
9555.5305 - Purpose
9555.5405 - Foster Home Development
9555.5505 - Local Agency Orientation and Training Role
9555.5515 - Record on the Residence
9555.5605 - Assessment
9555.5705 - Provision of Adult Foster Care Services to Residents of Adult Foster Homes
9555.6105 - Applicability and Purpose
9555.6115 - License Application Process
9555.6125 - Licensing Study
9555.6145 - Negative Licensing Actions
9555.6165 - Capacity
9555.6167 - Individual Resident Placement Agreement
9555.6175 - Cooperate and Report to Agencies
9555.6185 - Foster Care Training
9555.6195 - Prohibitions Against Maltreatment and Discrimination
9555.6205 - Physical Environment
9555.6215 - Water and Food
9555.6225 - Sanitation and Health
9555.6235 - Adult Foster Home Program
9555.6245 - Personal Record of Resident in Foster Care
9555.6255 - Resident's Rights
9555.6265 - Safeguards for Cash Resources Entrusted to Operator

Protective Services to Vulnerable Adults

9555.7100 - Scope
9555.7200 - Definitions
9555.7300 - Complaint Investigation by Local Social Service Agencies
9555.7600 - Actions on Behalf of a Vulnerable Adult Who Refuses Services

Chapter 4605 Communicable Diseases

4605.7000 - Definitions
4605.7010 - Purpose
4605.7020 - Applicability
4605.7030 - Persons required to report disease
4605.7040 - Disease and reports; clinical materials submissions

Communicable Disease Reporting and HIPAA

Chapter 626 Peace Officers; Searches; Pursuit; Mandatory Reporting

626.52 - Suspicious Wounds; Reporting by Health Professionals
626.53 - Report by Telephone and Letter
626.556 - Reporting of Maltreatment of Minors
626.557 - Reporting of Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults
626.5571 - Multidisciplinary Adult Protection Team
626.5572 - Definitions

II. Civil Rights and Affirmative Action Plans

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
TBI Affirmative Action Plan
TBI Workforce Analysis
TBI Job Group Availability/Utilization/Underutilization Analysis and Annual Goals

III. Service Recipient Policies

Admission Criteria Policy
Checklist for Initiating Service
Contraband Searches Policy
Service Delivery Discrimination Complaint Policy
HCBS Service Recipient Rights Policy
Heath Services Coordination Policy
Limited English Proficiency Policy
Maltreatment of Minors Reporting and Review Policy
Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults Reporting and Internal Review Policy
Medication Assistance and Administration Policy
Notice Of Privacy Policy
Person Centered Planning and Service Delivery Requirements
Person Centered Service Policy
Physical Exam for Adult Foster Care
Pre-Admission Physical Status Form
Psychotropic Medication Policy
Registered Sex Offender Policy
Resident Pet Policy
Request for Medical Report
Service Termination Policy
Temporary Service Suspension Policy

IV. Service Initiation Documents

AFC Consent Packet
Adult Day Center Consent Packet
Funds and Property Authorization
Residency Agreement Template

V. Emergency Plans

Emergency Use of Manual Restraints Policy
Fire Drill Policy
Fire Plan Policy
Guidelines for Fire Drills
Heath Services Coordination and Care Policy
Incident Response Reporting and Review Policy

Evacuation Plans

85th Avenue West - Upstairs : DownstairsSite Plan : Emergency Response Plan
93rd Avenue West - Lower Level : Main Floor : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Alder - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Apartment C - Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Basswood - Floor PlanSite Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Blackman - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Blackman Central - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Calvary - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Carlson - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Cook Lake - Floor Plan Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Fredenberg AFC - Floor PlanSite Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Hanford - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Highway - Basement : Main : Upstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Kenroy - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Lavaque - Basement : Main : Upper : Site Plan : Emergency
Leicester - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Lindahl - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Maxwell - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Medin - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Medin Creek - Floor Plan :  Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Mud Lake - Basement : Main : Upper : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Munger Shaw - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Oak Bend - Main : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Oakley - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Piedmont - Basement : Main : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Quince - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Samuelson - Main : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Shelby - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Woodrich - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan
Wren - Upstairs : Downstairs : Site Plan : Emergency Response Plan

VI. Employee Information

Employee Handbook
TBI / Pathways Medical Insurance Certificates of Coverage attachment A
TBI / Pathways Dental Insurance Benefit Plan Summary attachment B
TBI / Pathways Basic Term Life and ADD attachment C
TBI / Pathways Disability Income Insurance attachment D
TBI / Pathways Supplemental Term Life and ADD attachment E
Wage Disclosure Information
TBI Plan Highlights
401K TBI Summary Plan Description, Amendment, Adoption Agreement, Basic Plan Document
Investment Policy Statement

VII. Organizational Structure and Staffing

Administrator Profile
Mission Statement
Organizational Chart
Program Director Profile
Provider Fact Sheet

Job Descriptions

Adult Day and Structured Day Direct Support Professional
Assistant Supervisor
Auto Mechanic
CEO / Treasurer
Charge Staff
Community Services Coordinator
Crisis Overnight Float
Day Program Assistant
Direct Support Professional
Direct Support Specialist
Flex Float
Float Supervisor
House Supervisor
ILS Designated Coordinator
Human Resource Director
Maintenance Supervisor
Medical Secretary
Nursing Director
Vocational Coordinator
Work Crew Employee

VIII. Policies and Procedures

Information Security

Access to Protected Health Information Policy
Computer, Internet, and Email Use Policy
Critical Cyber Asset Identification
Data Privacy Policy
Encryption Policy
Electronic Security Boundary Requirements
Incident Reporting and Response Planning
Information Security Acknowledgement
Information Security Policy
IT Incident Reporting Procedure
Personnel and Training Requirements
Physical Security Requirements
Recovery Plans for Critical Cyber Assets
Security Management Controls
Security Incident Response Diagram
Systems Security Management

Daily Guidance

Behavioral Intervention Flow Chart
Client Contact with Staff Family Policy
Company Keys and Fuel Credit Card Security Policy
Crisis Management Policy and Plan
Death of a Resident Procedure
Death Report Form
Dress Code Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Electronic Time Card Policy
Emergency Use of Manual Restraints
Employee Belongings Policy
Employee Grievance Procedure Policy
Employee Medication Storage Policy
Employee Notification of Absence / Time-off Request Policy
Employee Pet Policy
Employee Training Vehicle Lift Instructions
Handling Resident Funds Policy
Medication Disposal
Medication Dosage Box System
Medication Error Policy
Monetary Count Policy
News Media Policy
Non-Solicitation Policy 
Program on Record Keeping and Documentation Policy
Recreation Policy
Reporting Medication Errors
Resident Physical Transfer Policy
Responsibility for Client Cares and Security Policy
Safety Sensitive Equipment Use Policy
Scheduling Policy
Sharps Policy
Telephone Use Policy
Tobacco Use Policy 
Transportation Policy
Universal Precautions Policy
Water Safety Policy 
Worker's Compensation Procedure

Employee Legal

At Will Employer Policy
Benefits Policy
Change in Employment Status Practices Policy
Civil Air Patrol Leave 
Background Studies
Bone Marrow Donation Leave 
Discipline and Termination of Employment Policy
Driving Requirement Policy
Employee Education and Training Policy
Exit Interview Policy
Family Medical Leave Act
FMLA Employee Rights Posting
FMLA Notice of Eligibility
FMLA Certification - Employee
FMLA Certification - Family Member
FMLA Designation Notice
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Compliance Policy
Grievance Form
Grievance Formal Review
Grievance Informal Review
Grievance Procedure Policy
Harassment Policy
Holiday Pay Policy
ury Duty Policy
Leave of Absence Policy
Leave of Absence Request Form
Gross Misconduct Policy
Handicap Parking Policy
Measurement Period Policy
Data Privacy Policy
On-Call Policy
Payroll Policy
Performance Review Policy
Personnel Records Policy
Possession or Carry of Firearms
PTO Donation Policy
Quality Evaluation and Improvement Plan
Return to Work Policy
Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act 

OSHA Policies

Accident Investigation Procedure
Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control
Company Safety Goals and Objectives
Disciplinary Procedures
Employee Orientation
Employee Release of Information
Employee Safety Policy
Engineering Controls
Exposure Control Plan
Exposure Determination
Exposure Incident Report
Exposure Monitoring
Hazard Report
Hepatitis B Immunization Consent
Hepatitis B Vaccination Provision
Hepatitis B Vaccine Information
Housekeeping Policy
Injury Prevention Policy
Job Safety Analysis
Methods of Compliance
New Employee Orientation
Personal Protective Equipment
Post Exposure Evaluation
Program Administration
Record Keeping Overview
Record Keeping Policy
Record Keeping Responsibilities
Reporting an Injury
Safety Analysis
Safety and Health Committee
Safety and Health Inspections
Safety Committee Organizational Chart
Safety Committee Policy
Safety Coordinator Job Description
Safety Responsibilities
Safety Rules
Safety Training
Scabies Protocol