Residential Foster Care

Our Homes

TBI Residential and Community Services operates 36 licensed homes for adults ages 18 and up. Each of our homes is located in a residential neighborhood in and around Duluth, Minnesota.

Our homes are designed to support the physical and emotional needs of each individual while supporting personal goals and a healthy balance of independent living. The supports which we provide vary depending on the goals, dreams and needs of each individual.

Most of our homes serve four people, each with their own bedroom and shared living and dining areas. Each of our homes is set up to meet the needs of the individuals that live there. Several of our sites offer private living areas on a single-level and are wheelchair accessible.

All of our homes are staffed by fully trained and qualified individuals that are present 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Our team of professionals work together to provide the guidance and support necessary to help each person live as independently as possible in a safe and respectful environment.

Who We Serve

TBI Residential and Community Services provides community and residential based support to adults who have complex physical and emotional needs. We work together to help individuals restore their cognitive and motor skills and improve their independent living skills with a focus on rehabilitation and community integration.

Our comprehensive, person-centered treatment plans support individuals with a wide range of needs and goals including but not limited to long-term medical care, building skills in activities of daily living, vocational rehabilitation, and making the transition into independent or assisted living.

Our Program

TBI Residential and Community Services provides comprehensive wrap-around services from a multi-disciplinary team including individual therapy, ILS training, structured programming, vocational rehabilitation, nursing, home health care and special transportation services.

We work with our residents to create a person-centered daily structure that provides each individual with a specialized care plan that meets the individual’s unique needs.

Through our structured programming, clients experience a sense of community and belonging. Individuals spend their day participating in a variety of interesting groups and community activities. In the evenings and weekends, clients participate in community based activities and have regular quality one-to-one time with staff.

In the home, staff support the clients as they practice the skills of independent living including cooking, cleaning, budgeting, medication management, problem solving and planning. Through our program, most of our clients achieve employment in some capacity and we work with community employment agencies to match our residents with community jobs as their goals and abilities allow. Many of our homes have access to public transportation and we provide bus training as part of our

vocational rehabilitation program. Our rural homes have community access in the general area and our program provides transportation as needed. Our program supports residents’ connection to family and provides staffing and transportation for home visits on a monthly basis.

Our Staff

The staff at TBI Residential and Community Services understand that choice is central to the experience of a positive goal-centered program that moves residents toward the level of independent living they desire. Our staff at every level of our wrap-around services work directly with our residents to create a plan that suits the unique goals of each person. We provide residents the care and support that they need to achieve goals in a way that is innovative, empowering and safe.

Our staff attend ongoing trainings in a number of areas including but not limited to CPR and First Aid, Medication Administration and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention. We work as a team to provide the wrap-around services that our residents need. We work every day to follow the core values of TBI Residential and Community Services: Innovative Enrichment, Empathy, Safety, Responsibility, Mutual Respect, Community Collaboration and Fun.